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This Easter, remember the sacred name, life, and sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ.


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Don’t miss this one on the power of words to completely transform a moment.

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My daughter is graduating from college today and I think I’m feeling a little nostalgic. 🙂

It’s a wonderful privilege to be a parent and to be given responsibility to help shape the life of a human being on this earth. I have witnessed many unforgettable miracles in the course of this amazing experience. I remember the day she was born as if it happened only yesterday—and now she is about to embark on her adult role in the society. This tells me that I am now really getting old, but more importantly, it shows me how much Divine support I have received from our Heavenly Father all these years. 

I have a testimony that, as parents, we are given the task to watch over His children here on earth and in a lot of instances we are entitled to receive various promptings for the sake of their well-being.  Our Father loved these children even before we even had them and He cares for their success and happiness as much as we do.

I am extremely grateful for the chance given me to be a mother of two wonderful souls. They have taught me so much and the best moments I’ve spent in my life were those I spent with them.  Each phase of their individual lives gave me an opportunity to live them as well, and because of that I consider mine as such an abundant life with numerous colorful and exciting experiences! I am, indeed, blessed!!

Here’s to the graduating students out there, most especially my daughter.  I wish you all the best in life and I pray that in time you would find your special place under the sun. I hope that in all your endeavors you would remember to look up for support, and to get down on your knees as often as you can. Remember to give thanks for everything you will be blessed with and to share those blessings with the rest of our Father’s children in any way you can. Keep in mind to always be meek no matter how much success you will one day achieve. Life will be harsh at times, but try not to lose track of your eternal perspective. Enjoy life and remember to always make time for those things that matter most. Congratulations on your graduation!!!

I’d also like to extend my congratulations to all the parents who continually support and now so proudly walk behind their graduates. Cheers!! 🙂

To Jessica, my daughter: I love you and I am so very proud of you!!! Here’s lots of tight hugs and my warmest kisses. 🙂

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