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(Photograph by Minnie Advincula)

I recently received a very pleasant surprise!! 🙂 My best friend in elementary whom I haven’t seen for many decades and who has kept me wondering on her whereabouts suddenly contacted me through a popular networking service without knowing it was me. I didn’t realize it was her either because she was now using her married name. But I recognized her photo and although a full-grown woman now, I still remember the little girl in her that I used to know.

I was a bit hesitant to contact her when she gave me her phone number. I thought of what we could possibly talk about when the last time I remember talking to her was in fourth grade. I was afraid that so many things have already changed in our lives that we didn’t have anything in common anymore. But I called. And we did make the connection again.

As I was pondering about it, I realized that seeing her again in this life and finding out how she was doing was one of the many simple desires of my heart. I didn’t even think much of it, but I guess Someone was listening and decided to grant one of my simple wishes in His own due time. I have no idea why only now after these many years—and I don’t even want to ask—but I trust that there is a reason.

I find that oftentimes our Father makes us cross each other’s paths to help answer one another’s needs and prayers. He put people in our lives as instruments to make His purposes come to pass. Sometimes it’s amazing how people come into our lives at the exact moment that we need them. And when they have completed their “mission,” we see them slowly slipping away.

I have no doubt that many times in my life Father sent me “angels” in the form of family members and friends to help me bear the burdens of this earthly existence. I deeply and reverently thank Him for that. I am grateful for moments when I felt that He sent me off and gave me the privilege of comforting another and making some of their challenges seem light. These experiences expand my soul and consequently teach me precious eternal principles.

I believe that there are no accidents in life. Everything happens for a reason under the direction of Him who created all things following a celestial design. All the fowls in the air, the fishes in the ocean, and lilies in the water exist because of Him. He knows your name… and He knows mine. That’s enough for me to trust that He knows what’s best for me—in His own time, and His own season.


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I was fascinated by a phrase that I read in an article today. It said: “Life is short. Death is certain. And love is real.” It made me pause and think.

Indeed, life is short. It is quick in passing. It seemed like one minute my children were cute little babies, and now they have both grown taller than me! 🙂 Well, I’m just glad that all the milk and cookies throughout the years didn’t go to waste! Nyahaha! 🙂

And of course, we all know that death is certain. People come and go in our lives, and one day all of us must leave this earth through this mysterious experience called death. It’s something that we sometimes fear and almost all of the time feel sad about, but I trust that it’s a whole new level of experience necessary for our eternal growth. I pray that we may be brave when faced with the inevitable.

And YES, love is real! It’s a powerful force that the adversary could not defeat no matter how hard he tries. It grows as it is shared. It’s a soothing balm that heals all wounds.

As I watch the tragic calamities happening around the world these days—especially in Haiti—it touched my heart to see strangers across the globe extend their help to ease the pain and misery of those in need. And then I realized that it is true: love conquers all!!! 🙂 It is love for their fellow beings that moves these people to lend their hand and support. It is love that permeates the hearts of family members and friends as they see past each other’s flaws and spend quality time together in their homes and communities. It must be the same love that filled the heart of our Savior enough for Him to lay down His life for our sins.

May we be comforted to know that these sufferings and turmoil—whether global or personal—are temporary. That this is not the end of our existence. That there is life beyond the veil and that we are aiming for something more grand and exalted—even far beyond our imagination.

I believe that we come across the people in our lives not by chance, but through a Divine design. I pray that we may touch the lives of those whom we come in contact with in a way that will make them better people than when we found them. May we all be blessed as we strive to fulfill our missions in life and reach our potentials… for life is short; and while death is certain, I know love is real!!! 🙂

Take care everybody! Love you all! 🙂

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“Nothing endures but change,” says Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus. And now that a new year has just begun, people are bound to set goals and make “resolutions.” Time for a cool change, so the song goes.

I’m a big fan of goal setting. As a young woman, I was taught to set goals in life and write those goals down for apparently goals that are not written are merely wishes. Even now as a professional, my line of work emphasizes that if we fail to plan, we plan to fail. I think it’s a sound advice to live by so I’m sharing it with the rest of you.

If we look at life only in the here and now, then some of our resolutions may appear short term, if not impossible to reach. But if we stretch our perception to what life truly is—eternal—then it will help us set more meaningful goals that not only will help us become happier now, but will also make us ecstatic throughout all eternity! 🙂

Each of us has his own unique cross to carry. No one is spared. But as I’ve recently learned from watching a very dear young lady conquer an emotional challenge in her young adult life, we too can hope for the best without expecting anything to avoid disappointments. We just do our very best in whatever it is we are trying to achieve and leave the rest to Him who oversees everything in this world. This way we will be able to manage changes in our lives in a more cheerful way and even initiate those changes for the better without fear of failure! For that is the design of our existence—that we might have joy and rejoicing. 🙂

To those who have set goals and resolutions this year, keep trying to reach them and never give up!!! Life is what we make it, and keep in mind that we have a loving Father who is always there to help us succeed!! 🙂

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I wanted to greet everybody a very happy New Year!!! 🙂

Happiness comes in different shapes and form, but I find that true happiness comes when I give of my time and my love unconditionally; when I serve cheerfully and unselfishly; and when I try to do the right thing no matter how difficult and inconvenient it may be for me.

May we find peace, joy, and true happiness as we try to forget all the bad experiences we’ve had in 2009 and learn from our mistakes as we move on to a brighter 2010! It is another chance for a new beginning—an opportunity for a clean start. Let’s grab it and start anew! 🙂

I wish everyone all the righteous desires of their hearts!!

Happy New Year everybody!!!

I love you all! 🙂

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