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Have you ever stopped and stared at the moon in its fullest? Did you ever wonder how it was created and what keeps it midair? Have you ever been fascinated by the darkness of the night with only the stars keeping it aglow? Such magnificent creations touch the deepest corners of my soul. And I oftentimes stand there all amazed and in awe.  


How glorious this universe is and how small I am compared to it. Yet the Creator of all heaven and earth is mindful of me! He sends people along my way to make me feel light and happy—ensuring that the balance of life is presented for me to exercise my agency. What growth opportunity and blessing!!


Sometimes in the busyness of life, we completely miss it!! We need to be reminded that everything is here for us to enjoy—whether through the burst of delight as a very dear friend brings you a beautiful bouquet of white stargazer lilies one early morning, or through the stillness of the night as you quietly gaze at the fullness of the moon. J


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During my first 16 years on earth, my rule of thumb was: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” As a young, aggressive person, I thought the only way that justice would be served was to punish the guilty and inflict pain to those who have caused it so they would “learn their lesson.” I thought getting “even” with someone was just fair. In fact, I strongly believed that it was the most sensible thing to do.

Until one day, I was taught to turn the other cheek. 
“WHAT?? TURN THE OTHER CHEEK???!!!” was my mind’s reaction. How could one human being ever do that??!! It violated all the principles and statutes that were ever instilled in my young mind and soul!!  
But there’s One whom I looked up to who showed a great example of turning the other cheek. He did it in such quiet dignity that when I’ve learned about His life and teachings, I wanted to follow His lead. He didn’t deserve any of the things that He suffered, yet He went through all of them in great humility and acquiescence.  

How imperfect I am compared to Him. Yet in my limited capacity, I now strive hard to walk His ways. Although I oftentimes fumble and fall, and there are times when my humanity gets the better of me, I’ve learned that vengeance is not mine. That if I pray for strength to forgive those who have wronged me in the past, and abandon any feelings of bitterness or revenge, then life’s load becomes much lighter. J 


Indeed, there is a soothing, healing power that comes from forgiveness. And I noticed that when I practice it often and well enough, turning the other cheek becomes a habit that isn’t too bad at all. J

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