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(Photograph by Edwin Redrino)

During our weekly get-together at our dad’s place yesterday, my sister and I found each other reminiscing many things that happened to us while we were younger. Some were so silly and ridiculous that it made our jaws hurt from laughing incessantly; while some were poignant, such as when we discussed about our beloved late grandmother.


My sister expressed how amazed she was that even after 14 years have already gone by since our grandma passed away, we still talk about her like she’s still around. We remember her as if the last time we saw her was just yesterday. We still feel of her love, guidance, and remarkable influence in our lives. We still carry a deep love for her in our hearts and are looking forward to seeing her again someday.        


All of us have, at one point, lost someone we loved and cherished. Because of this, it is comforting to know and contemplate the doctrines of eternal life. That Resurrection is available to each of us through the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. That this mortal body will be raised to an immortal body someday.  That life is eternal and that what we do here on earth will matter in the next life. We must cling to that hope and not let our world get shattered by the temporary separation we experience from those we love.   


How grateful I am for this simple truth. And I look forward to that day when all will rise up triumphantly from the grave as spoken of by the prophets. Wouldn’t that be such a wonderful and exciting reunion? J



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