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At times I forget who I really am. Sometimes I hear hurtful, accusing words that make me question my worth… my value. I try to dig deep and then realize that after all the wrongs I have done in my life, I must’ve done something right, because at the end of the day a little spark of truth whispers in my soul… that I am a child of God.



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(Photograph by Franco Advincula)

My sister and I were making fun of my cooking skills yesterday during one of our many just-catching-up phone conversations. We had a good laugh when I told her that my son was able to tell what for dinner was after four guesses by enumerating what I usually cooked from my limited menu. She suggested that we attend a culinary class in order to enhance our cooking prowess and broaden our carte du jour. However, I told her that based on my many, many, (yes!) many years of experience trying to cook delicious meals and not being successful in most of them, I finally realized that cooking is a talent. I find it hilarious how sometimes people cannot tell what kind of cuisine I am serving by merely looking at the dish in front of them! Nyahaha! 🙂

But I am most definitely NOT discouraged! 🙂 I have two of the most avid and supportive kitchen fans in the whole wide world!!! 🙂 I think it’s thoughtful and loving of them to acknowledge my sometimes “creative” cuisines and even have the admirable courage to eat them!!! Hahaha!!! 🙂

How grateful I am for such supportive family members!! I know that the greatest joy we can find is within the walls of our own homes. It is where we learn to love unconditionally, forgive whole-heartedly, serve unselfishly, and be accepted unequivocally.

Once I was talking to a friend who just sent her daughter off to college. She said her daughter called and was feeling homesick on her first week away from home. She was a little worried about her daughter, but I told her that she should look at it as a good indication that she did a great job in providing a loving home for her daughter—enough for her to miss their home when she went away.

I think we should all strive to create a loving and comfortable home environment enough that we would miss it if we ever went away. Let us make our homes a bit of heaven on the earth; and despite the occasional burnt chicken in the oven and the bland beef stew from time to time, let us love and support our family members enough that we may all look forward to the day when we can be with them forever!! 🙂

Take care, everybody! Try to spend more time with your family this week!! And PLEASE watch that chicken in the oven!!! 🙂

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(Photograph by Edwin Redrino)

It stands humbly—yet majestically—in the midst of the Queen City of the South. Its elegant furnishings and fine craftsmanship befit an edifice worthy to be dedicated to Him who has created a masterpiece Himself. Beyond the admiration of the structure, a quiet reverence can be felt by those who walk along its hallways and ponder inside its rooms—a calm and peaceful grandeur that may only be experienced within the walls of any similar creation. Undeniably, the Cebu City Philippines Temple IS a House of the Lord.

Visitors poured in and out daily to view its interiors. A feeling of worship and respect for Deity bathed those who entered its premises. Many—including those who were sceptics—experienced something they did not expect. Most people left in awe and walked home with a sense of pride that such a building exists in their midst. The heavens smiled upon this building as hearts have been warmed and a lot of souls expanded. Countless miracles have already happened and are yet to be seen within the confines of its walls. And the people will tremendously be blessed!!

How grateful my heart is for the opportunity to see it; to walk through its doors and be among the witnesses of its dedication this weekend. Most certainly a heaven on earth, I am grateful for yet another fulfillment of the words of Isaiah when he said:

“And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it.

“And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths…” (Isa. 2:2–3.)

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(Photograph by Edwin Redrino)

There are times when we cannot help feeling low about some things that are going on in and around our lives. Some of them we cannot control, such as illness and death; some we wish we don’t have to deal with, like manipulative and mean people; and unfortunately, there are some that we may have brought upon our very own selves, such as consequences of our mistakes.

The design of the adversary in this life is to bring us down. He would like us to think that our negative situations will last forever and that there is no more hope or relief for us. But the design of our existence is to experience all these things in this life—both happiness and sorrow—that we might be strong and grow from such earthly experiences.

Yesterday, I had the chance to continue browsing my old folders and saw very old photographs that were taken even some twenty years ago. Almost all of them brought smiles on my face as I recalled the great memories accompanying those shots. I was grateful for the wonders of my camera and how it captured all those precious moments that I will now treasure forever. I also realized the joy and happiness that my loving family and faithful friends have brought me all these years—all the love, support, laughter, and even the tears—through thick and thin. Each photo stirred up an emotion in me that reminded me how beautiful and kind life had been to me despite the many ups and downs I have already encountered. It also gave me hope that whatever challenges we encounter in this life will be but a small moment compared to an eternity of happiness awaiting for us if we will keep trying to press forward in the right direction no matter what it takes! We just simply cannot give up!! We cannot listen to the voice of the opposition telling us that we are not worth what our Savior had died for—because we are of divine worth and are extremely precious in His sight.

In a similar folder, I saw a video of a song written for the youth of this day. “Be strong and of good courage,” the song goes. I thought how appropriate the words are for us during this difficult time, even if we are no longer in our youth.

When my young son was starting to learn how to play the piano, he was discouraged and thought there was no way he would ever be able to play using both his left and right hands simultaneously. He thought it was an impossible task. But I encouraged him and told him that others have already done it so it wasn’t really as impossible as it seemed. He worked hard and practiced day after day and now he plays using both hands even without looking at the keyboard.

Just like him, we can keep our chin up and keep trying even when we are feeling very discouraged, hopeless, hurt, and downtrodden—even when we think it is impossible to surpass our challenges at hand. Most likely, others have already gone through it so it may not really be as impossible to overcome as it may seem. We just have to work hard and keep practicing patience, obedience, repentance, and faith until we finally get it right.

Let us not give place in our hearts anymore to the enemy of our souls! Let us remember and apply the counsel given, that all our trials and challenges will be but for a small moment and will give us experience and will be for our own good. Let us have a mighty change of heart and be strong and of good courage! Maybe then next time we are faced with a similar trial or challenge we can already overcome it even with our eyes closed!

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(Photograph by Edwin Redrino)

They say you really love someone when you still love that person even when the person least deserves it.

There were times in the past when I’ve made mistakes and didn’t deserve to be loved by the people around me. Some of them judged me and walked away, but those who truly cared stayed and with their love and support encouraged me to reach far greater heights than I could possibly imagine. In my heart I will forever be grateful to those people, for I wouldn’t have been where I am now without them.  

 I remember a good friend once told me how she regretted letting go of an employee whom she thought was an “ugly duckling,” but in the end turned out to be a “beautiful swan.” She felt she gave up on this employee way too soon and didn’t give her enough time to grow and polish her rough edges. A year after she let go of this employee, my friend saw how the employee reached her potential working for another employer. To this day, my friend remembers the lesson she has learned out of this experience—that no one is a “hopeless case” and that we should never give up on anybody.

Another story that comes to mind is the story of a father who was recently baptized into the Church. For 18 long years his wife prayed for the day to come for him to accept the gospel. He was heavily drinking for the most part and not one member of his family thought he would ever change his ways. But he did. The love, faith, and devotion of his wife finally touched his heart allowing him to feel the Spirit when it manifested to him the truthfulness of what he had been taught. It was a glorious day when he came down the waters of baptism a changed man.

There’s one love that surpasses all kinds of love and understanding on this earth. It is the love of our Savior Jesus Christ. He loved us enough for Him to atone for our sins and die for us. I can hardly comprehend that love, but I am grateful for it every single day. I wish that in our dealings with our fellow beings we could practice even an iota of that love; for He has commanded us to love one another, even as He has loved us.

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