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(Photograph by Franco Advincula)

My sister and I were making fun of my cooking skills yesterday during one of our many just-catching-up phone conversations. We had a good laugh when I told her that my son was able to tell what for dinner was after four guesses by enumerating what I usually cooked from my limited menu. She suggested that we attend a culinary class in order to enhance our cooking prowess and broaden our carte du jour. However, I told her that based on my many, many, (yes!) many years of experience trying to cook delicious meals and not being successful in most of them, I finally realized that cooking is a talent. I find it hilarious how sometimes people cannot tell what kind of cuisine I am serving by merely looking at the dish in front of them! Nyahaha! 🙂

But I am most definitely NOT discouraged! 🙂 I have two of the most avid and supportive kitchen fans in the whole wide world!!! 🙂 I think it’s thoughtful and loving of them to acknowledge my sometimes “creative” cuisines and even have the admirable courage to eat them!!! Hahaha!!! 🙂

How grateful I am for such supportive family members!! I know that the greatest joy we can find is within the walls of our own homes. It is where we learn to love unconditionally, forgive whole-heartedly, serve unselfishly, and be accepted unequivocally.

Once I was talking to a friend who just sent her daughter off to college. She said her daughter called and was feeling homesick on her first week away from home. She was a little worried about her daughter, but I told her that she should look at it as a good indication that she did a great job in providing a loving home for her daughter—enough for her to miss their home when she went away.

I think we should all strive to create a loving and comfortable home environment enough that we would miss it if we ever went away. Let us make our homes a bit of heaven on the earth; and despite the occasional burnt chicken in the oven and the bland beef stew from time to time, let us love and support our family members enough that we may all look forward to the day when we can be with them forever!! 🙂

Take care, everybody! Try to spend more time with your family this week!! And PLEASE watch that chicken in the oven!!! 🙂


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(Photograph by Franco Advincula)

While cruising down a road that led to our home the other day, I noticed some banners reminding the people that it has been a year since the catastrophic flooding that affected most of the metropolitan area occurred. It was a call for thanksgiving and celebration for the lives that were saved during that time and to encourage the people to keep moving on as they look forward to a brighter future.

It’s amazing how time flies, and the memories that these types of tragic incidents leave us are some that cannot easily be forgotten. They linger in our hearts and in our minds. Yet the wise thing to do is to look for all the good and positive that would come out of it.

What struck me most from looking at the banner was the photo that accompanied it. It was an image of a distressed woman being rescued from the flood, with someone helping her to swim in the water while someone ashore was pulling a rope tied around her body. I imagined how desperate her situation was and how grateful she must’ve been for all those strangers gathered around her trying to help and save her life. And they most probably did.

As I pondered about that photograph, I thought of how noble and praiseworthy those people are. How admirable that they were willing to put their own lives in danger in order to help a stranger from losing her life. And then a thought came to me: There is no wonder our Redeemer was willing to give up His own life in order to save us from losing ours forever. Because if these strangers were willing to do so with their fellow beings, how much more Him who created us and have known us even before we were born? If these strangers could love their fellowmen enough for them to do what they did, how much more exponential God’s love for us is?

And we should all be grateful.

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(Photograph by Dianne Bolo-Bacigalupi)

A few weeks ago, I sent an online inquiry about a fitness center program that I was interested in. Although my schedule was pretty hectic, I thought it would be good to invest in one’s health so I wanted to know more about it. I received a prompt call from one of the center’s employees acknowledging the inquiry and inviting me to come to their gym to see their facilities that day. I had something else planned so I politely declined and uttered the standard courteous response: “Maybe some other time.” To me that was the end of our conversation as I didn’t see any opening in my calendar for it. But little did I know that I was talking to one of the most persistent persons on the planet. 🙂

To my astonishment, I consistently received either a text message or a phone call from this fitness center employee in the many days that followed. And the time varied. Sometimes she would call in the morning and sometimes I would get a text message in the middle of the night. I tried to set up an appointment twice, but had to cancel due to various valid reasons. Instead of giving up or getting annoyed, this person encouraged me ever so kindly and untiringly reminded me to reset our appointment at my “most convenient time.”

Finally yesterday, I was sleeping in a dark room and had my celfone on silent mode when I was awakened by a blinking light inside the room. I opened my eyes and saw that my celfone was blinking. This fitness center employee was calling me to remind me of my appointment with her in about an hour! I was greatly impressed!!     

To cut my long story short, I got out of bed, went to the gym, met the persistent fitness center employee, signed up for the program that I was inquiring about, and became a satisfied gym enthusiast. 🙂

More than anything, I think I learned a lot from the display of persistence and patience that this employee exhibited. She didn’t stop and she didn’t get discouraged until she was able to reach her goal. She just pushed and worked hard for it until she finally got what she was aiming for. I think that’s a great example of how we should achieve our goals in life! We should be hopeful, patient, and persistent.

Most importantly, after all our hard work on whatever it is we are trying to achieve, let us remember to thank Him who blesses us with all that we have and all that we are.

Enjoy the rest of the week everybody!! Keep on keeping on!!! 🙂



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