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(Photograph by Edwin Redrino)

Last weekend, my name was called by someone who looked very, very familiar. The lady approached me with such enthusiasm that one could tell we were old acquaintances who haven’t seen each other for a long time. At the end of the exchange of pleasantries though, I felt embarrassed that I still couldn’t even remember her name and where exactly we’ve met. But I didn’t have the courage to ask. 😦 Later that day, I realized why I couldn’t remember her. She had her nose fixed.

I must say that I felt kinda sad that she did that. I thought her original nose was pretty. I remember her as a very beautiful person, inside and out. But people have their reasons for doing the things they do and although I do not support such methods of physical change, I think some of our life’s changes are crucial for our happiness.

About a year ago, I had a friend who made a foolish and irresponsible action in life. She suffered the painful consequences of her wrong choice, but did all her best to cleanse herself of all its stains. As I see her now, I feel delighted that she was able to get back on the right track and regain the companionship of the Spirit. She testifies of the healing power of the Atonement and the peace that comes from being forgiven after proper repentance. 🙂

Another friend has been through a series of unpleasant encounters with the people she’s working with. She was constantly bothered by the stresses of her daily negative experiences in the workplace for a period of time. It saddened me to see her feeling gloomy every time she came from work. But despite the situation, I admire that she wrote down the names of those people on the temple prayer roll and regularly prayed for them. I think she became more cheerful since the day she decided to let go of any ill feelings towards the people involved, and let Him fix things for her. 🙂 I have no doubt that one day things will get settled for her and her colleagues. 🙂

Change is the only constant thing, someone once said. I love how the weather changes through the seasons! 🙂 I am amazed at how the leaves fall from the trees and display such vibrant colors in Autumn; how white and gray everything becomes in Winter; and how the same set of trees become bright and lively again in the Spring and Summer! 🙂 Pretty much like life! We get our own set of Autumns and Winters, but we should always look ahead and keep in mind that just around the corner, we will always have Spring! 🙂


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(Photograph by Edwin Redrino)

It’s funny how things turned out for me this week! I thought I was already feeling stressed about the multiple things that are simultaneously going on in my life, when apparently the One up there has a different perspective and draws up a completely distinct plan for me! Yikes!!! He gave me two additional things to do on top of the things I already have on my plate!! 🙂

Anyway, I am definitely NOT complaining! I totally appreciate the trust given me to serve in the capacity I was called to. I think it’s always a privilege to be “anxiously engaged in a good cause.” When we are faced with a challenge to do something that we think we’re incapable of accomplishing, He lends His hands, lifts us up, and makes us equal to the task at hand. 🙂

So, I look forward to this new and wonderful learning experience!! 🙂 I know this will yet be another chance for me to grow in so many ways and beyond all my expectations! 🙂

Just the other week, I heard someone talked about how she dropped all her personal plans—which seemed to all fail no matter how hard she tried—and got down on her knees to ask Heavenly Father what His plans were for her. She was surprised at the initial impression she received. She even asked: “Is that what You really want me to do?” Eventually, she listened and acted upon the promptings and completed a mission that she never thought she would ever be able to fill. 🙂

I guess the bottom line is, when we align our lives with what Heavenly Father has planned for us, things fall into place and doors will open up because “He shall prepare a way for [us] that [we] may accomplish the thing which He [commanded us to do]!” 🙂

Wherever our paths may take us, I wish that we would all seek His plan, so that things will become easier for us and that we would be able to do things according to His will. 🙂

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(Photograph by Edwin Redrino)

Happy Mother’s Day!!! 🙂 I hope that all the moms out there were pampered by their children the way I was today. 🙂 Motherhood is such a noble calling and I’m grateful that I was given a chance to be a mom of two wonderful children here on earth! It’s one of the most difficult jobs in the world, but it’s also THE most rewarding experience! I just love it! 🙂 

Anyway, I had an interesting couple of weeks! I’ve experienced some real highs and lows that took me by surprise. Highs that allowed me to feel like I was on top of the world, soaring like an eagle; and lows that dragged me deep down the bottom of the pit that I couldn’t even write a short blog entry last week! 🙂

But I survived! YayYy! 🙂 

Through it all, I realized that we have been reminded in the scriptures that there must be opposition in all things! Whatever challenges we face are for our own benefit. We grow and expand our souls when we go through situations that test our patience and tolerance. We become more mature when we experience things that allow us to exercise our faith and humility. 

In one conversation that I had, I was being persuaded to act on some things that I really didn’t think mattered, so I refused to be stressed about it. The person that I was talking to had a different point of view and said that if he were in my situation he would “fight for it.” One lesson that I learned in my youth was that, “If it’s not for eternity, drop it.” I think this statement has helped me choose the kinds of stresses that I will allow to affect my life, and let go of those that I cannot control or don’t really matter. For the most part, relationship fallouts affect me more than anything else. I think relationships need our utmost attention especially when repairs need to be made, so we could have happy and healthy associations within our circle of influence. 🙂 

So, whatever challenges we are currently facing in our lives, let’s keep in mind that it is as normal as it gets! 🙂 Opposition is a part of life that we must learn to accept. Our reaction to it is the only thing we can control. Either we take it head on with faith and courage, or we just simply drop it! 🙂

Have a fabulous Mother’s Day!!! 🙂

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