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I find that one of the surest signs of getting old is being forgetful. I’ve never been good at memorization and now that I’m back to school, it didn’t surprise me that it’s still at the very bottom of my list of favorite things to do. J


My 12-year-old son expressed his amazement upon learning one day that the human being is the greatest computer ever created. And I agree with him. I think it’s good that we have this characteristic in the human brain—that we can forget things that should be buried in oblivion and remember things that could help us progress into becoming who we were meant to be.


Once I was sifting through my things and saw a very old journal. I sat down and read the pages and was reminded of how I was able to go through life’s ups and downs during those years. I read how my hopes and dreams became realities; that some of the things I feared were baseless and never really happened; that faith saw me through all of the most difficult trials I encountered then.  


For someone as scatterbrained as I am, it pays to keep a record of life here on earth so that someday, in one of my senior moments, I will remember… how beautiful and kind this life has been to me… how I’ve been blessed with so much despite my being me… and how a loving Father has guided me and lifted my load every single day of my existence—and that, I will never forget.


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