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Our family and some friends took advantage of the long weekend to frolic and spend a day in one of the Hundred Islands of the Philippines.  As soon as our boat docked on shore, we made preparations to grill our food using natural resources while basking at the soothing beauty of nature displayed in front of us.


Being the only people on the island, we swam with reckless abandon in the clear, cool water alongside schools of fish that were probably terrified at our presence. I marvelled at the magnificence of the islands and the serene, tranquil feeling of being in the middle of it all. It was a fascinating experience.


While travelling back from the trip, we decided to hold our Family Home Evening while inside the vehicle because it was a Monday night. I was moved by the impromptu lesson given by our friend about a boy who, because of tradition and customs in his country, was left by his father blindfolded overnight in the forest to prove his manhood. In spite of the different jungle sounds that he heard and fearing that his life was in danger, he left the blindfold on until the sun was up—the appointed time that he was allowed to take the blindfold off.


When the boy felt the warmth of the sunlight on his skin, he took the blindfold off and was surprised at the first thing he saw—it was his father sitting right across from him. His father was always there throughout the night and never really left him.


Just as I’m ecstatic to see those hundred islands next to each other and those schools of fish swimming as a team, I am most grateful that like that little boy blindfolded in the forest we are never really ever alone. That although we don’t see Him, our Heavenly Father is always there watching over us and is only a prayer away. Hence, as human nature truly dictates: “No man is an island!” J


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