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(Photo by Edwin Redrino)

The Beijing Olympics is over. Being a person who doesn’t watch TV that much, I only watched the news and video clips on the internet about certain events and updates that I was particularly interested in. One thing that always amazed me was the cheering of the crowd and how it affected the adrenalin rush of the athletes.


While living in Germany in high school, my younger brother and I used to watch the Borussia Mönchengladbach football games in the stadium with my best friend and her brother. I must admit that at first I thought the game itself was a bit boring, but the excitement that the energetic audience brought to my spines and the thought of supporting our home team’s spirits while battling the opponent kept me coming back. I rejoiced with them as if I were part of the team whenever they won, and felt sad for them whenever they lost. L


Whether through the recent Olympics or a local football event in high school, I realized that people are the same everywhere. We have more similarities than differences. We have an innate characteristic to be supportive of other people in their battles in sports—and in life.


We don’t have to be athletes to be part of this kind of battle. Everyday we go through an invisible battle for the soul that started way before we even came here on earth. In our time and age when “even the very elect will be deceived,” I am most grateful for family and true friends who cheer us on as we fight for the good and resist the evil.


Like the Olympians during the games, may we also display grace under pressure when faced with the challenges of life, until the day will come that this world will achieve its paradisiacal glory. J


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