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(Photograph courtesy of Edwin Redrino)


I took a leisure walk in the rain with childish glee the other day. I loved the cool breeze that gently touched my face and the sound of the raindrops that trickled down the pavement. It was one very refreshing experience.


There are a few things that give my heart that warm, fuzzy feeling. Watching the sunrise as I drive to work… my children’s laughter… a new leaf from a growing plant… a long, tight hug from my little nephew… catching the sunset on my way home… These are some of the simple pleasures in life that provide such immense happiness that cannot be measured in terms of what the world considers wealth. And the joy they provide linger.


There are moments when circumstances surrounding us get us down and we forget just how beautiful earth life is. During these times, it helps to remind ourselves that we are here to learn and grow from our painful experiences, yet at the same time discover the true meaning of joy and happiness!! Isn’t it such an interesting and exciting journey??!! J


It’s good to remember that true happiness doesn’t come from things that we can buy in a department store, or the amount of whatever currency we have in our stock portfolio. But most often, happiness comes from intangible things that we sometimes call simple pleasures! J


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