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(Photograph by Edwin Redrino)

I was taken aback the other day when a lovely young lady came up to me and said, “Thank you for your smile.” I paused and gave her a puzzled look. I was speechless. I didn’t remember smiling at her that morning. Sensing the confusion on my face she explained: “I just want to thank you for always having a bright smile on your face.” I think I might’ve said thank you, but now I’m not very sure. 🙂

I thought that experience was pretty unusual for me—in a good way—and I definitely wrote it down in my journal yesterday morning!!! 🙂 I thought her smile was even brighter and more beautiful than mine, but it reminded me that oftentimes we influence other people more than we know, and we sometimes do it in unexpected ways! 🙂

In my mind I thought, “If she only knew what I had been through the past day.” But it didn’t matter. She thought my smile was worth mentioning and those simple remarks of hers made my day! 🙂 Her comment reminded me that life is beautiful despite all the trials we face and that a lot of things are certainly worth smiling about! 🙂 I’ve also learned that our positive outlook might touch other people’s lives in ways that we cannot even imagine! 🙂 I definitely think that this young lady’s kind remarks inspired me more than my crooked smile inspired her. And I vowed to strive and maintain a bright attitude no matter what challenges life throws my way. 🙂

May we follow this young lady’s fine example of candidly and generously expressing our gratitude to people who touched our lives for good—be it about great things that changed our lives significantly, or simple things that made our everyday lives happier! 🙂

On this note I’d like to thank all of you for your support and some of you for being my very good friends beyond the pages of this blog site!! Thank YOU very much from the bottom of my heart!!! 🙂


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(Photograph by Edwin Redrino)

It was raining hard yesterday as we drove up to my favorite bridge that shows a view of the temple from its summit. I always take the inner lane of that bridge to give me a bird’s eye view of the Lord’s house when I reach its peak. I was hoping to take a glimpse of the beautiful edifice despite the weather, but it was pouring really hard and we had zero visibility.

In spite of us not seeing the temple from where we were, we knew it was there and if we only endured our unpleasant journey through the stormy weather, we knew we would get there in no time and be blessed with its warmth like no other place on earth.

Life is a very interesting journey. At times it pretty much feels like driving through the storm and even as we strive hard to reach the pinnacle of our faith and look to Him for relief, there are moments when it would seem like He is not there. It is during these times that we must exercise greater faith and know that He IS there; that He is watching over us and protecting us from getting completely harmed by the adversary.

Like any loving parent to their children, I trust that He allows things to happen to us so we may grow. He gives us space to learn from these experiences and if we submit our will to His, we will come out of each situation a better person.

May we all learn to look up to Him and get down on our knees when faced with life’s stormy weather. For He can calm the tempest and provide comfort to us during the worst thunderstorm. May we all develop the faith and trust that He is there for us even when life’s downpour blinds us and we have zero visibility.

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(Photograph by Edwin Redrino)

A motorcycle rider lost control of his bike and skidded in front of our car as we drove along the highway last night. I stepped on the brakes just in time to avoid running over him, but that essential act—that he later claimed saved his life—caused the car behind us to hit us and the next car to consequently hit the car behind us.

Part of the motorcycle went under our car. The biker said he felt the impact when the car behind us crashed into our vehicle, but by some divine miracle he left the scene unscathed. I pulled the hand brake after we were hit the first time so when the car behind us was hit, our car absorbed most of the collision shock and the biker was spared.

I said a prayer in my heart before I got out of the car and was relieved to find out that the biker wasn’t hurt. It was almost traumatic for me to see his image fall in front of us and go under the hood of the car, but it was amazing how peaceful and calm I felt throughout the whole ordeal despite it being my first time to go through such an accident after all these years of driving. Needless to say, it must have also been an equally traumatic experience for all those who were involved—car passengers and drivers alike.

As we tried to shrug off the jitters of the previous night’s accident, we discussed this morning all the positive things that came out of that unwanted incident. How we were reminded that life is fragile and can be taken away in a snap of a finger. That prayer is the best way to help us handle highly stressful situations. That people will respond to us better if we treat them respectfully and kindly. And that there is always a purpose under the heavens why all things happen the way they do—even if they are most inconvenient!

So for us, the accident gave us a reason to celebrate life and friendship even more! And to have a big breakfast at McDonald’s on this beautiful morning that we would’ve otherwise skipped if it had only been a normal day! 🙂

Take care everybody! 🙂 Drive safe!! And have a great week ahead!!! 🙂

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