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I was balancing my budget for the month and paused when I saw the entry “school bus” from the list. This entry is for the monthly payment of my son’s school bus fee, and since he would already be graduating from high school this month, then I would have already made my very last school bus payment for the rest of my life! I had mixed emotions about this—relief because it was one less bill to pay, but at the same time I felt nostalgic as I realized how fast time really flies. There is no turning back. My son (I originally wrote “baby” here) is growing up fast and there is no way I could stop it from happening.

Yet such is life, as I always say. We move on and progress from one phase to the next. This is an eternal principle that we must all go through. We cannot remain stuck in one place and expect growth that way. We should be ever learning, ever seeking for something better than we were yesterday. Life is a journey and I believe that every day is a chance for a new beginning.

As I see my children grow up and explore new things in life, I sometimes fear the thought that we wouldn’t be as close as we were before. Letting them go seems to be a sad and uncomfortable thing to do, but I know it must be done. This way they can find their own spots under the sun and bless the lives of those they come across with. I will not hold them back knowing what wonderful people they have become. It’s such a privilege to have been given a chance to raise them as their mom. I am very proud of both of them and grateful for the opportunity given me to have been part of their lives. They have taught me many things, above all, how to give and receive unconditional love. I thank our Father in Heaven for all His blessings and for helping me raise them up. Having them has been the greatest joy and priceless blessing of my life.

And now on to more adventures in life!

Have a fabulous week everybody!!! 🙂


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Christmas is a time our hearts turn to the Savior Jesus Christ. This is a true story of one woman’s experience as she learns that the Lord loves us and knows our specific circumstances.

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My daughter is graduating from college today and I think I’m feeling a little nostalgic. 🙂

It’s a wonderful privilege to be a parent and to be given responsibility to help shape the life of a human being on this earth. I have witnessed many unforgettable miracles in the course of this amazing experience. I remember the day she was born as if it happened only yesterday—and now she is about to embark on her adult role in the society. This tells me that I am now really getting old, but more importantly, it shows me how much Divine support I have received from our Heavenly Father all these years. 

I have a testimony that, as parents, we are given the task to watch over His children here on earth and in a lot of instances we are entitled to receive various promptings for the sake of their well-being.  Our Father loved these children even before we even had them and He cares for their success and happiness as much as we do.

I am extremely grateful for the chance given me to be a mother of two wonderful souls. They have taught me so much and the best moments I’ve spent in my life were those I spent with them.  Each phase of their individual lives gave me an opportunity to live them as well, and because of that I consider mine as such an abundant life with numerous colorful and exciting experiences! I am, indeed, blessed!!

Here’s to the graduating students out there, most especially my daughter.  I wish you all the best in life and I pray that in time you would find your special place under the sun. I hope that in all your endeavors you would remember to look up for support, and to get down on your knees as often as you can. Remember to give thanks for everything you will be blessed with and to share those blessings with the rest of our Father’s children in any way you can. Keep in mind to always be meek no matter how much success you will one day achieve. Life will be harsh at times, but try not to lose track of your eternal perspective. Enjoy life and remember to always make time for those things that matter most. Congratulations on your graduation!!!

I’d also like to extend my congratulations to all the parents who continually support and now so proudly walk behind their graduates. Cheers!! 🙂

To Jessica, my daughter: I love you and I am so very proud of you!!! Here’s lots of tight hugs and my warmest kisses. 🙂

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Listen and watch as Stephanie Nielson, a survivor of a near-fatal plane crash that left most of her skin burnt, shares her story of hope and triumph despite her great trial and how she describes her beautiful life centered on faith in Jesus Christ and love of family.

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(Photograph by Franco Advincula)

My sister and I were making fun of my cooking skills yesterday during one of our many just-catching-up phone conversations. We had a good laugh when I told her that my son was able to tell what for dinner was after four guesses by enumerating what I usually cooked from my limited menu. She suggested that we attend a culinary class in order to enhance our cooking prowess and broaden our carte du jour. However, I told her that based on my many, many, (yes!) many years of experience trying to cook delicious meals and not being successful in most of them, I finally realized that cooking is a talent. I find it hilarious how sometimes people cannot tell what kind of cuisine I am serving by merely looking at the dish in front of them! Nyahaha! 🙂

But I am most definitely NOT discouraged! 🙂 I have two of the most avid and supportive kitchen fans in the whole wide world!!! 🙂 I think it’s thoughtful and loving of them to acknowledge my sometimes “creative” cuisines and even have the admirable courage to eat them!!! Hahaha!!! 🙂

How grateful I am for such supportive family members!! I know that the greatest joy we can find is within the walls of our own homes. It is where we learn to love unconditionally, forgive whole-heartedly, serve unselfishly, and be accepted unequivocally.

Once I was talking to a friend who just sent her daughter off to college. She said her daughter called and was feeling homesick on her first week away from home. She was a little worried about her daughter, but I told her that she should look at it as a good indication that she did a great job in providing a loving home for her daughter—enough for her to miss their home when she went away.

I think we should all strive to create a loving and comfortable home environment enough that we would miss it if we ever went away. Let us make our homes a bit of heaven on the earth; and despite the occasional burnt chicken in the oven and the bland beef stew from time to time, let us love and support our family members enough that we may all look forward to the day when we can be with them forever!! 🙂

Take care, everybody! Try to spend more time with your family this week!! And PLEASE watch that chicken in the oven!!! 🙂

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(Photograph by Edwin Redrino)

For Family Home Evening this week, my daughter suggested that we play the game of life. I was confused and didn’t quite catch what she meant the first time she said it until she showed me the “Game of Life” board game in our laptop. Yes, even board games are digital now!!! 🙂

They both teased me for not being able to spin the “wheel of life” the right way that I had to use the automatic spin button whenever it was my turn. And although I finished last and retired with the least amount of money (it must be my poor spinning, nyahaha! 🙂 ), I had a lot of fun and would definitely play that game again. 

Of course there’s a vast difference between the game of life that we played and real life. The board game was not able to capture many situations that happen in real life. It also limited the choices of the players as to where and how far along they ended up in the game because their destiny depended pretty much on the number they got after spinning the wheel. I’m glad that in real life we have free agency and can make our own choices. And where we end up and how happy we become will depend on those choices.

Once I was talking with a colleague about certain situations in our workplace that make work life a little bit challenging. She taught me a lesson that I will remember for a long time. She said that after dealing with a difficult co-worker, she had decided she would not let his actions affect or upset her. That she would just dismiss his negativity and go about doing her own business. It certainly worked for her and she had been happier in the workplace ever since.

Yesterday it was raining and some people I know chose to enjoy the cool breeze while others complained about getting their shoes wet—same situation, different attitudes. Those who chose to enjoy the rain most definitely had a better time than those who chose to whine about it.

Life is all about making choices and having the right attitude. Happiness comes by choosing to look at the brighter side of things. We may all be given the same circumstances, but our attitude towards them will make a whole lot of difference on how happy we will be.

It is my wish that we could all learn to look at the brighter side of things, no matter what the situation is. There is always that positive viewpoint even when we don’t see it right away. True, there must be opposition in all things, but we don’t have to lose sight of the better perspective.

Let’s choose to be happy everybody!! 🙂 Have a great week ahead!!! 🙂

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I used to just read it in various books and magazines, but now it’s happening to me! My children are growing up and slowly having lives of their own that last night as I drove down the road after dropping my son off to his activity, I realized that sooner or later I will have to learn to let go.

And then I imagined how it must’ve been like for our Heavenly Parents to let each of us go as we individually came down here on earth. The feeling must’ve been similar to the feeling I had when I sent my children off to school the very first time. I knew they needed the education, but I still missed them the entire day. And I looked forward to the end of the day when I could pick them up again and ask them how their day had been.

Can you imagine how our reunion with our Heavenly Parents would be like at the end of our stay?

Parenthood is such a unique and amazing experience that I cannot even begin to compare it with anything I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. It is the closest one could ever get to the meaning of pure love. It has made me understand more fully what selfless service means and gave me a tiny glimpse of the kind of love our Savior must’ve had for us that He was willing to take upon Himself the pain of our sins so that we won’t suffer the excruciating pain ourselves.

It means loving the children that were entrusted to us by giving them space to grow, and allowing them to make mistakes and learn from them. It means celebrating the joys of their successes and feeling the hurt in our own heart when they experience diverse heartaches. It means wanting them to reach heights we’ve never even reached before and praying daily for their protection. It means allowing them to be their own person and stepping back so they may shine.

What a wonderful privilege it is to be a parent!! And every single day I thank God for the blessings it brings into my life. 🙂

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