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(Photograph by Edwin Redrino)

We were quietly driving on our way home from visiting my sister-in-law who just gave birth to a baby girl in the hospital when my 17-year-old daughter blurted out with enthusiasm in her voice:


“I love our family, Mom! Everybody’s just crazy!” J


“Uhm… er… I’d take that as a compliment, sweetie, but what do you mean?” my baffled reply came.


She then told me how hilarious she thought it was when my brother put his eye next to the camera’s LCD monitor instead of zooming it electronically when I told him to look at the baby’s photo closer. And how funny she found it that her Opa insisted that the baby looked more like him because they have similar thinning hair! J


Having a newborn in the family is a refreshing reminder of the divinity within us. Staring at my infant niece while she quietly slept reminded me of who I am, where I came from, and what my potentials are.


There are times in life when we are very hard on ourselves and we completely forget what we are capable of becoming. When we focus more on things that are not working, instead of exploring things that would help us reach our divine destiny.  


In times like these, it takes a leap of faith to act suitably and keep hopeful of the promises awaiting those who would take the high road and live up to our Father’s expectations. There is an embryo of godhood within each of us and I am grateful to be reminded not to “undermine” this precious royalty within me from time to time.


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